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Laurent_MG_8271_Web2If you are looking for a Feng Shui home or business consultation, or a Chinese astrology/Bazi analysis, I invite you to go now on my main site about Feng Shui & Bazi in London and overseas: You will also find an updated Chinese astrology and Feng Shui blog on this new site. The current site you are on,, is my former website that is not updated anymore…

This site is for you who wish to consolidate your business successes, without sacrificing the harmony of your life. Your success is built through choices that involve a smart timing and effective methods.

In this daily quest, Feng Shui and Bazi (Chinese Astrology) provide you with invaluable tools to create these optimal conditions:


To be in the right place at the right time


How? These ancient techniques are based on the observation and management of the Chi (universal energy) and its temporal and spatial effects on our lives. This energy affects us every minute of our lives and can be used wisely or otherwise harm us.

Traditional Feng Shui deals with all types of building: resorts, shopping centres, restaurants, real estate projects, spas, shops…And of course with our homes.


The methodology of Feng Shui is to change your immediate environment in order to increase your success. Professionally, that means:

  • increase the turnover,
  • increase the productivity of your business ,
  • attract the right people ,
  • achieve a more stable throughout the year,
  • design places that attract consumers and have good energy.


When you treat your house or apartment with Feng Shui , you can expect to:

  • strengthen your relationship and love life
  • establish a family harmony
  • support the development of your children
  • consolidate your financial situation
  • know more harmonious friendship experiences
  • improve your well being in everyday life by reducing your stress.

As for the Four pillars of destiny or Bazi, it offers an invaluable guide to  analyse your destiny, control your own timing. Furthermore it helps you to:

  • Discover your personal cycle: when is your lucky or challenging time coming,
  • Know when to act to sell a business, sign a contract, make a merger, open a new business etc.
  • Understand the compatibility with your partner,
  • Determine your auspicious dates for an engagement or to get married
  • Optimise your business trips based on your favourable time and date


The synergy of Bazi and Feng shui traditional I use to help you is unique: you can then master your environment and know your perfect timing. 

I am one of the most accredited consultants in London and Europe and one of the few experts that were formed in Asia to use the classical Feng Shui with Bazi (my training). I invite you to look at my credentials. I am a member of the International Feng Shui Guild.

I offer Feng Shui consultations for businesses and homes in London, the UK and internationally ( Europe, USA and New Zealand over the past seven years ) . My techniques allow me to help you design any large-scale project , real estate development, or simply to transform your home.

Please explore this site to discover my training and credentials, my services, and to book a consultation now. Contact me for a free quote:       


07 534 340135    


Balance is just a click away,

Laurent Langlais


If you have an interest in another form of metaphysics, the Tarot, you can find me in this great book among other eminent spiritualists: The Tarot Masters: Insights From The World's Leading Tarot Experts


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